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About Tat Seng Packaging

Company Profile

Established in 1968 as a sole proprietorship, Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd has become one of Singapore's leading manufacturers of corrugated paper packaging products. With operations in Singapore as well as Suzhou, Nantong Rugao, Nantong Tongzhou (Jiangsu Province), Hefei (Anhui Province), and Tianjin, China, we serve a wide range of industries.

Our customers include Multi-National Corporations and local manufacturers in food and beverage industry, electronics and electrical industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, plastic and metal stamping industry as well as other exporting related industries.

Tat Seng designs, manufactures and sells corrugated paper packaging products for the packing of a diverse range of products according to customers' specifications. Our key products include corrugated paper boards, corrugated paper cartons, die-cut boxes, assembly cartons and heavy duty corrugated paper products. Tat Seng also carries and sells a range of other packaging related products.

Singapore Plant

Tat Seng Singapore

In 1977, we incorporated a private limited company to take over the business of the sole-proprietorship. The Company changed its name to Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd for listing purpose in 2001.

Through the 1980s, we embarked on a series of improvement programs to improve the productivity of our operations and upgrade the quality of our products. We took advantage of EDB's incentive schemes to upgrade and automate our machinery. We also participated in PSB's various programs to improve our production and management systems.

Our efforts paid off when we were awarded SISIR's Ceritificate of Good Manufacturing Practice Award for the ISO9003 Certification for quality assurance through final inspection and testing of products in 1989, and subsequently obtained the ISO9002 Certification for the achievement of quality assurance through in process control in 1990.

We have an established Integrated Management System that encompasses two core elements of our operations: ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management and ISO 14001 Standard for Environment Management. We believe that this system will enhance our effectiveness in providing quality products and services to our customers.

In July 2008, we have taken over the corrugated packaging business from a rival through a wholly owned subsidiary, United Packaging Industries Pte. Ltd. ("UPI"). This strategic move has enabled us to expand our business; strengthen our market position and enlarge our market share and customers base in Singapore.

UPI is in the business of design, manufacture and sale of corrugated paper board and carton to meet various customers' requirements and specifications for the past 50 years.

Since 1993, UPI has been awarded ISO 9001 Certification for its Quality Management System, demonstrating our uncompromising commitment to manufacturing and providing the highest quality products and services to its customers.

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China Plant

We entered the China market and started our manufacturing operations in 1997. Tat Seng Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. ("Tat Seng Suzhou"), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group now occupies a total land area of approximately 59,000 square meters. We are situated in close proximity to industrial parks in Wuxi and Suzhou. Tat Seng Suzhou supplies a wide range of high quality corrugated carton boxes and paperboard to more than 1,000 customers in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas which include global MNCs and well-known companies from Electronics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mechanical and other industries.

In 2011, Tat Seng Suzhou was awarded High-Tech Enterprise status by the Jiangsu Province High-Tech Enterprise Authority. Apart from that Tat Seng Suzhou is also certified with ISO 9001 and 14001. Some of its products have also been awarded with Provincial "Quality Trusted Products" and "High Tech Products" accreditation.

Hefei, Anhui Province, China Plant

Hefei Dansun Packaging Co., Ltd. ("Hefei Dansun") was established in July 2003 and we bought an 80% equity stake in Hefei Dansun in September 2006, making it our second subsidiary in China. In May 2010, we have acquired additional 14.4% stake in Hefei Dansun and increased our interest in Hefei Dansun to 94.4%.

Hefei Dansun supplies a range of high quality printed corrugated packaging products, and provide packaging support services to the medium and large-sized enterprises in Hefei and its surrounding cities.

Hefei Dansun invested RMB33 million into construction of its facilities: a factory and warehouse on a land area of 49,400 square metres. Hefei Dansun's main production equipment include a 2.5 metre corrugator line with a total production capacity of 100 million square metres of corrugated paper board per annum and five flexographic printers capable of printing three to six colours respectively.

Hefei Dansun's mission is to provide quality products to meet customers' requirements. It has in place stringent quality control measures from selection of approved suppliers, purchase of quality raw materials, management of printing inks, printing plates, die cut moulds, production processes and delivery of goods. Hefei Dansun's commitment to product and services quality had been recognized by its attainment of the ISO 9001 certification. Hefei Dansun is committed to utilising its strengths in management, technology, equipment, and strategic geographical location to provide quality products and services to their customers.

Nantong Rugao, Jiangsu Province, China Plant

As part of the expansion plan in China, Tat Seng Suzhou acquired a 70% equity interest in Nantong Hengcheng Paper Industry Co., Ltd. ("NTHC") in September 2009. NTHC is in the business of manufacture and sale of corrugated paper boards and serving customers in the west region of Nantong.

NTHC is committed to improving product quality and reliability. We have upgraded the production line and its ancillary equipment and extended the leased factory premises in March 2012.

Nantong Tongzhou, Jiangsu Province, China Plant

Nantong Tat Seng Packaging Co., Ltd. ("NTTS") is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTHC. NTTS is in the business of manufacture and sale of corrugated paper boards.

NTTS's factory building is built on a 26,600 square metres piece of land and equipped with a 2.2 metre corrugator line. NTTS commenced operation since Feb 2011 and is now serving customers in the east region of Nantong.

Tianjin, China Plant

In January 2012, we have setup a 67% owned subsidiary, namely Tianjin Dansun Packaging Co., Ltd. ("Tianjin Dansun"), in Tianjin, China. This is part of the Group strategic plan to penetrate northern region market of China. Tianjin Dansun supplies high quality corrugated packaging products to medium and large enterprises in the Tianjin, Beijing and surrounding areas.

We have invested RMB40 million in factory and warehouse on a piece of 33,233 square metres land. The plant is equipped with a 2.5 metre corrugator line with production capacity of 100 million square metre of corrugated paperboard per annum and three flexographic printers with three to four colour capabilities.



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