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RSC Box RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) Box

Your regular carton box. Cost-effective and practical, the RSC box is the most commonly used type of carton box in the packaging industry. Reliable and dependable for almost all types of packaging use, the RSC box is a full carton box that has top and bottom flaps that meet in the centre. The RSC box is commonly used to pack products that require added protection, stacking and shipment.

Die-Cut Carton Box

Need a customized carton box that will suit your unique packaging needs? With a customized die-cut box, you will be able to create all sorts of curves, self-closing styles, ventilation holes, or flap extensions onto your customized carton box. Requires the use of a Die-cut mould.

Die-Cut Carton Boxes
Offset Printed Boxes
Offset-Printed Box

Artwork at its finest, the Offset-Printed box employs the process of high definition graphic printing resulting in high-resolution, sharp images with a smooth finish. The process has the ability to produce bright colors throughout the rainbow spectrum. Offset-printed boxes are most appropriate for those who seek a sleek, high quality finish to their packaging box. It is most often used for retail packaging or POP(Point of Purchase) displays.

Corrugated Partition Pads/ Layer Pads

Some carton boxes require the use of an additional partition or layer pad (added within the box) that helps to either segregate the packed product from the rest of its contents or act as a form of added protection for the packed product. At Tat Seng, we manufacture corrugated partition/layer pads of all shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the customer. We can pack the partition or layer pad into the carton if required.

Corrugated Partition Pads
Single Face Rolls / Corrugated Boards

Single Face Rolls / Corrugated Boards

Single Face refers to corrugated medium bonded onto a single layer of linerboard. Single Face Rolls are widely used for protection of products and ground surface during renovation work.

A corrugated board on the other hand refers to corrugated medium bonded onto a layer of liner board on the top and bottom face. Usually considered as semi-finished products, these boards are mainly purchased by box manufacturers/converters that do not have their own corrugating line facilities.

Manufacture & Design of Pallets

Need wooden, plastic or paper pallets for your delivery needs? At Tat Seng, we supply all types of pallets to our customers according to their specific needs and uses. We can also help our customers design different pallets to suit their unique storage and transport requirements.

Manufacture and Design of Pallets
Heavy Duty Corrugated Products Heavy Duty Corrugated Products

Heavy duty corrugated products are made of corrugated boards of high grammage paper. These products are often used to replace wooden crates and plastic containers. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable and easily disposable. These products are customized according to our packing requirements.

Other Packaging-Related or Customized Products

Tat Seng strives to provide a one-stop packaging solution to our customers. We also supply other packaging related products such as tapes, stretch films, foam, and edgeboard protectors to complement our principle products. These products could also be customised to customers' specific requirements.

Other Packaging-Related or Customized Products

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